Ron Johnson goes completely off the deep end

I have a theory. And that theory is that if all potential Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Senators, and House members were required to take a psychological test to determine mental competence before running, we’d be in the majority forever. I mean, think about it: I truly believe there are more deranged GOP members than non-deranged ones, and a test like that would be the perfect way to find out. Just take Senator Ron Johnson.

Johnson (deeply and profoundly mad-insurrection party-Wisconsin) does not seem to know what he’s talking about these days. I know, I know. That’s nothing new. But his statements have become so insane that I am wondering if Marco Rubio’s UFO people messed with him.

In a panel sponsored by the Milwaukee Press Club, Johnson took some questions that proved without a doubt the weird Wisconsinite has finally lost his mind.

Johnson first spoke about Presidents Biden and Obama and accused both of them of “dividing the country.” Johnson then went on to wax poetic about the former guy. He described the MAGA crowd as “God-fearing, country-loving, law-enforcement-supporting individuals.”

If these comments sound insane, it is because they are. And they show once again how far away from reality Johnson is. I am sure the officers who were horribly beaten in the terrorist attack would think otherwise about the MAGA crowd.

Johnson also said he was still unsure whether he’d run again. (Don’t do it, Ronny.) The Press reminded him that he’d once said he would not seek another term. Johnson replied with this brilliant and logical response.
“When I made that pledge, I meant that pledge.”

Senator Johnson needs to come back to reality, assuming he was ever in reality, to begin with. But then again, this is the same guy who thought the January sixth terrorist attack was a pleasant walk in the park. Never underestimate GOP stupidity.

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