THIS is how we get Joe Manchin to cave

I’ve spent the past few days pointing out all the ineffective and counterproductive ways that some liberal activists have been approaching wayward Democratic Senator Joe Manchin. For instance, if you just yell around about how you hate Manchin because he’ll never cave on voting rights legislation, then you’re admitting defeat. You’re letting him off the hook. He hears you talking like that, and he figures that, okay, now he never will have to cave. But what’s the right way to approach Manchin?

It all comes down to assuming you’re going to be able to force Manchin into bending to your will, then applying the proper pressure, and trying to make him bend to your will. For instance, this is an excellent idea for how to pressure Manchin to cave:

Joe Manchin is up for reelection in 2024 in West Virginia. In spite of some false claims going around social media, he’s never said that he’s retiring in 2024. So assuming he runs again, he’ll obviously need the Black vote in order to win, because every Democrat does. And now he’s going to have Rev. William Barber and a whole lot of other Black activists in his back yard, calling him out for not caring about the voting rights of Black people.

If you want to win the voting rights battle, one good way to do it is to support this Moral March in West Virginia. Attend it on June 14th if you can. If you can’t, then help spread the news about it on social media. Now is not a time to give up and assume we’re going to lose. Now is the time to ramp up the pressure on people like Manchin until they cave.

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