Rewriting history

We all know there are heroes all among us. These are people with unending courage, dignity, and patriotism.

We saw this on 9/11/2001 when courageous firefighters ran into the burning buildings to help survivors. We have seen it with the rescue crews in Surfside, Florida, who have worked tirelessly to find the families of the grieving loved ones. And we have seen it with the Capitol Police.

So it is extremely painful to watch the former guy, and his brainwashed minions try and rewrite history. But they will not succeed. To the Capitol Police: We see you. We hear you. We feel for you.

On the terrible day of January 6, you fought for all of us. You fought to keep our Democracy intact. You are heroes.

You fought with bravery. You fought with honor. You saw and felt things that we, the American people, can only imagine.

And you are heroes. We see you. We hear you. We share your disgust. And we feel your deep and eternal love for our country. For that, we salute you. We hate how history is being rewritten. We hate that some will believe the lies. But we won’t.

We know many of you are still suffering. How could you not be? We wish you weren’t. And we are here for you. We honor the heroes who did not make it through. We will never forget them. And we will never forget you. Your families must be so proud. You are the very definition of “Patriots.” You kept our great nation from falling.

Please know that most of us are not like the monsters who created these lies. Most of us love you. Most of us are amazed at your courage. So, when you feel angry at the lies–when you feel hopeless or shocked at the revisionist history by members of the GOP–remember, most of us know you. We know your amazing ways. And we honor you.

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