Republicans screwed themselves on this one

The Republicans are screwed. With the passage of these vile voter suppression laws, they have proudly shown the American people that they have a screw loose. And it is going to make future elections for the insurrection party very tough.

While all of these new measures in Georgia are disgusting, one, in particular, gets to me. And that is the criminalization of offering exhausted voters food and drink. Now, with every GOP candidate, one can rest assured that this is going to come up in all future political debates.

What on earth will the candidates say? Will they say the sweet old lady waiting for eight hours and becoming increasingly dehydrated is a secret member of Antifa? Will they perhaps say that anyone who spends that long on line is part of “the deep state” and does not deserve a sip of water anyway? Maybe they could blame it on the Democrats and say since Mr. Potato Head was canceled, the Dems set the stage.

Or perhaps their eyebrows will go up, a look of deep confusion will flash across their face, and they will pretend not to know of that particular ghastly law. And they will say: “Well. I wasn’t part of that. That was Governor Kemp.”

A typical cowardly defense for the GOP! Except they cannot get away with not taking a stand. So when they get a question about it.. for example, “do you think people should give someone water if that someone is close to fainting?” what will the hapless debater say? Yes, get yourself arrested? Or: Nah. Not necessary.

Either way, it looks horrible because it IS horrible, and any GOP member who doesn’t immediately denounce this garbage should never hold elected office again.

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