How the Democrats plan to use filibuster reform to break the Republicans

A source who was briefed on a meeting between Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Chris Murphy (D.-Conn.) has told Axios they are planning to put forth “the boldest legislation possible” for gun reform that can still receive Republican support.

I don’t expect to see sufficient Senate Republican support on anything put forth by Schumer that will overcome the filibuster requiring 10 Republicans to pass, and they don’t either. But Schumer is going to push sensible gun control legislation to a vote, and make them go on record for not supporting it. Senate Republicans can no longer hide behind McConnell. I expect this to only be Democrats’ first test to showcase Republicans’ abuse of the filibuster rule, in anticipation of filibuster reform.

It was also recently in the news that the Boulder, Colorado shooter passed a background check before purchasing the gun he used in the shootings, rampaging a grocery store and killing 10 people. He used an AR-566 pistol, which resembles an AR-15 rifle with a slightly shorter stock, and shorter barrel.

We obviously need stronger gun control legislation than what Republicans will ever pass, and possibly Sen. Joe Manchin as well (but I hope not). Just having background checks is not going to cut it.

President Biden has let us know in so many words that the timing for really strong gun legislation is not now, unfortunately. We will likely have to wait for filibuster reform and it may possibly even require more Senate seats. Biden has his own priorities lined up. If played right, our stance on this issue will help to give it all to us in time. I have faith that President Biden knows how to do just that.

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