Republicans go all-in on attacking Dr. Fauci

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Dr. Fauci is an extraordinary man. He has been advising us on COVID, and his guidance has been enormously helpful. You would not know it to listen to those on the right.

To them, it does not matter that Fauci is a brilliant and educated man of science who has worked in many Presidential administrations and offered his guidance to millions with excellent results.

This is going back to the theory I wrote about where Republicans mistake empathy for control. They also mistake intelligence for control. Republicans are obsessed with the word “control.” Their slogan really should be, “Nobody controls us except our Lord, Donald Trump.”

Here are a few tweets from Republican Twitter users with huge followings reacting to Fauci. I would love to see these people kicked off Twitter because I believe they represent a clear and present danger.

Chuck Woolery: “Dr. Fauci looks foolish. “He’s brought it on himself. He has been, at best, consistently inconsistent. You know I’m right.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz: “Dr. Fauci reminds me of every bad weatherman…frequently wrong, but never in doubt.”

thebradfordfile: “It’s been over a year, and Dr. Fauci has not been right about anything during this pandemic.”

Megyn Kelly:”I don’t know who misled you on this, sir, but you don’t control us.”

I show you these tweets not to upset you but to show just how vile the Alt-Right is and how they’re flippant and outright stupid comments can have tragic effects, possibly hurting or even killing people who follow this propaganda and do as they say.

I am all for freedom of speech, but many Republicans do not know the difference between free speech and hate speech, or maybe they do and do not care. I hope all of the followers of these people stay healthy.

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