Republicans are coming for your Social Security again

I caught the end of a story on Fox News Wednesday, lying about how President Biden was refusing to compromise on infrastructure and discussing a GOP plan to cut taxes and reform Social Security. Since I missed most of it, I tried googling it.

I found an “exclusive” story by Fox News about a House GOP plan for a tax cut of around $2 trillion and to pay off the national debt in five years, by raising the eligibility age for both Social Security and Medicare as well as cutting agency budgets, the details of which would be revealed Wednesday. I kept watching for it but nothing. Of course, GOP rarely reaches deadlines — even their own.

I found a story Thursday morning indicating House Republicans are expected to release a proposed budget “this week,” including a $1.942 trillion tax cut, and provisions creating “a committee to reform Medicare and Social Security trust funds.”

The bottom line is Republicans just need to keep their grubby little hands off of Social Security and Medicare. This is one of the many reasons we cannot allow the GOP to take back the House and the Senate. I intend to continue keeping my eyes peeled for further news concerning this and exactly what the GOP is up to.

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