Republican official dies of COVID

Another member of the GQP fornicated around and found out. Florida GQP official Gregg Prentice recently died. Yeah. From COVID-19. After railing against taking any precautions against COVID and Dr. Fauci, saying dumb crap like how the country needed to “end Faucism”. Prentice died of the same disease he tried to pretend did not exist. And he left his fellow GQP members in a bit of a bind.

A software engineer by trade, Prentice built the software that the Hillsborough County GQP used to track donations and help them in making reports to the FEC. Problem is that he did not provide the login information or instructions on how to access the data he maintained. This has left the local GQP scrambling to compile information required by the FEC. The local party has sent a message to the FEC saying that they may have to re-enter all the data manually and they might not make their September 20 reporting deadline. This could leave the GQP in a lot of trouble if the FEC decided to be as petty as Republicans would be towards Democratic organizations facing similar circumstances.

Never ones to pass up the chance to spread conspiracy theories, local members of the GQP are using Prentice’s death to spread their liquid manure far and wide. (Trust me, I grew up on a farm. Liquid manure is the absolute nastiest type of manure). Such as how COVID was genetically engineered, how doctors intubate everyone, and hospitals are evil, prompting a city council member to push back against their bullshit.


That’s the thing about cults like the GQP. They not only consume their own, they use their own to spread their twisted messages as far and as wide as possible. And to cause as much suffering as possible. As people in Tampa found out when a local GQP official died.

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