The Democrats’ agenda is just getting started

If you’ve given up on the Democrats’ legislative agenda and you’re only focusing on the midterms, you’re doing it wrong. The agenda is very much alive. Infrastructure and voting rights are still in play this term. Don’t lose the plot. Fight for the agenda now, midterms later.

If you’re focused on getting revenge against Joe Manchin or Kyrsten Sinema because they’re not supporting our agenda, you’re also very much doing it wrong. To plot revenge is to assume you’ve already lost the battle. We absolutely have not lost anything. Manchin and Sinema are scared lightweights who will absolutely bend to our will if we place the proper pressure on them. Focus on winning, not on getting revenge for losing. We can get revenge on them later. For now it’s all about bending them to our will. Anything else is a losing mindset.


– Tweet of the day, from former Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Signorelli: “I believe it’s imperative that Manhattan DA requests a hearing as to who is paying the attorneys’ fees for Weisselberg. There could be a potential conflict if his co-defendant, the Trump Org or a potential target, is paying his fees, since he’s entitled to conflict free counsel.”

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