Republican legislator says he is “proud to stand against the will of the people”

Let’s take a break from the burgeoning scandal of Matt Gaetz and the horrific Chauvin trial to talk about some other nefarious issues regarding Republicans. The GOP/GQP have shown their scurrilous colors yet again. More and more the Republicans are saying out loud that which has been the sub-text for the GQP for decades.

In Missouri, state legislator, Rep. Justin Hill, has preposterously proclaimed that he is ”proud to stand against the will of the people.” Yes, he actually said the quiet part aloud and on the record.

Incidentally, just in case there was any doubt about Mr Hill’s political leaning (ahem), he missed his own swearing-in ceremony to join with the Proud Boys and the other treasonous boy bands at the insurrection on Jan 6th. Moreover, he has repeatedly questioned the results of the 2020 presidential election. Quite the beacon of liberty, he.

His latest departure from good sense and decency came on the heels of a referendum in the ‘Show Me’ state by which Missourians affirmed that they were in favor of the expansion of Medicare/Medicaid; what the Republican legislators of Missouri decried as a ‘slow march to socialism!’

Whenever the GOP trot out the ‘S-word,’ you know that they’re serious; seriously unhinged and adrift, that is.

It should be noted that an amendment presented to the Missouri House end taxpayer-supported health insurance for members of the General Assembly until Medicaid is expanded. One can imagine how the vote went. (Spoiler Alert; it failed.)

Seems that GOP law-makers are willing to fearsomely protect the people from what the people actually want whether it’s ease of voting or having health care during a pandemic. Perhaps it should be explained to Mr Hill that enacting the ‘Will of the People’ is precisely what his job description calls for.

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