This Matt Gaetz story doesn’t even make sense

The guy with the most punchable face in politics, Matt Gaetz, is now up to his douchey eyeballs in trouble. Turns out, unsurprisingly, that he’s a sleaze and allegedly a pedophile. And the layers of ooze coming out of his story is hardening to concrete and drowning him.

He’s got some strange story about being extorted for a ransom for a presumed-dead guy (former FBI) who was chasing Semion Mogilevich, the highest of all Russian mobsters and BFF of Vladimir Putin. And coincidences of coincidences, Mogilevich is a phantom real estate magnate in Florida and the kingpin of all money laundering, so there’s no way Donald Trump would know him.

The questions we need to ask at this point is why come up with that crazy story which doesn’t even absolve Gaetz of criminal activity? Whether he was being extorted or not isn’t going to clear him of raping a child. And if Gaetz is a pedophile, what about his Cuban “son”, Nestor? Just to remind readers, Nestor was a youngster of 12 years of age when he went to live with Gaetz. Then Nestor’s sister left him with Gaetz and moved out even though she and her brother were strangers in a strange land and Gaetz was spending most of his time in DC.


None of this makes sense. At least not innocent sense. Gaetz can plead the victim all he wants but he was friends with Greenberg, the child trafficker, even taking a selfie with Greenberg and Stone. This whole incident reeks. But one thing you can count on: where there’s one victim, there’s lots more ready to come out. We can safely say Gaetz’s political career just got buried in the Roy Moore graveyard.

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