President Joe Biden says fool me once…

After the torturous political circus he and former President Obama were put through in 2009 when trying to pass a budget for the disastrous economy left by George Bush, there is absolutely no way President Biden is going to wait around for bipartisan agreement on his Covid relief program. Republicans and pundits may as well stop it with the daydream. It is not going to happen. Too much is at stake.

The other problem is there must be two parties for bipartisanship to work, and currently there is only one viable political party in the United States. The other conglomeration of people who got voted into office are a circus of elephants walking in circles behind a carnival barker. The rest of us are just waiting to see what emerges from the tent.

Suffice to say…the Democratic party is (again) trying to save the economic future of our country from the disaster left in the wake of a party that (again) spent all of its time on cultural issues and tax cuts for the wealthy..the GOP didn’t start a war this time but not for trying..Iran just didn’t bite.


America in general has a vision of itself that is more aspirational than this so Republicans should consider just getting out of the way until they figure out what reality they want to live in at which time they can let us know, or more importantly…let their non-rioters know..on second thought..don’t tell us anything..right now we don’t care.

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