Marco Rubio is falling to pieces

What on earth is happening to Marco Rubio? Rubio’s behavior since the January 6th domestic terrorist attack has been despicable. He has mostly been dodging questions, deriding the impeachment process, and in general, acting like an idiot.

On Thursday, however, Rubio made this bizarre comment about the impeachment trial. “The facts are not likely in question.” Well, alrighty then! If the facts are not in question, this should be a piece of cake. Rubio should vote to convict. Right?

Well, the fact this in Rubio’s bizarre world, things are not that simple. Marco is desperate to run for President. He most likely salivates over the thought of it. And he did run already once, back in 2016, where he tried unsuccessfully to take Trump down.

Instead, it was Chris Christie who took Marco down. And it happened live, onstage, with millions watching, as a robotic Rubio suffered a severe malfunction and started repeating himself over and over.

The reason Rubio sounds so wishy-washy is that he is wishy-washy. He does not want to fall out of favor with the Republican base, so he is fervently trying to please them. Unfortunately for Robotic Rubio, he is destroying his reputation in the process.

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