President Biden’s success is causing Republicans to short circuit

Republicans are so befuddled by President Biden’s success, it is causing some to spout ridiculous accusations, but others are starting to admit their messaging is all wrong.

On his MSNBC show PoliticsNation, Al Sharpton noted Republicans were resorting to more personal assaults, since they have been unsuccessful attacking Biden’s job performance. He pointed to John Cornyn’s complaint that Biden didn’t know how to govern because he wasn’t tweeting enough, and his crazy allegation that VP Kamala Harris was actually the one running things, latching on to the ‘bossy black woman’ stereotype.

Ted Cruz claimed Biden was “too soft on Russia,” despite the fact that Biden has already enacted two rounds of sanctions against them, while Trump let Putin get away with murder.

On Fox News, Kayleigh McEnany claimed Biden was “an empty vessel totally driven by the radical left.” Greg Abbott claimed Biden was “out of touch.” Boy if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black.

It must be very difficult for do-nothing, obstructionist Republicans, when the plans they are trying to thwart are so popular. Some are actually vocalizing their predicament.

Sen. Mike Braun said the GOP was doing “poorly” countering Biden’s agenda. “I don’t think we’ve done a very good job because he’s getting away with defining himself and rolling out this stuff … and the public is buying it. We’ve got to find ways to articulate and scuffle in a better way.”

“We need to get better at it,” said Senate Minority Whip John Thune. “I don’t think sometimes our messaging is as sharp as it should be because a lot of the things they’re doing are things that are popular.” Hey, I have an idea. Why not join in with Biden to get more things done that are beneficial to our country and it’s people?

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