President Biden’s bold move

President Biden reportedly plans to announce Wednesday afternoon that he is ending the war in Afghanistan, and will start pulling out our troops by the end of the month. His reported goal is to have most all of them out by the anniversary of 9/11, save a few to guard the American embassy. My son has served there, and I wholeheartedly agree with President Biden, as does he.

All prior Presidents since 9/11 have planned to end the Afghanistan war but did not do so because conditions on the ground never improved. Biden is reportedly ending it regardless of those conditions, stating otherwise we will be there forever.

Trump even falsely claimed at times that he had already ended the war in Afghanistan, whether it was an intentional lie or just confusion on his part, as reported by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC Tuesday night.


Not all of Washington agrees with President Biden’s plans in Afghanistan of course, but he has reportedly received approval from some surprising sources, including Ted Cruz.

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