Two women try to defend Matt Gaetz, end up making things far worse for him

The Matt Gaetz scandal, in addition to being repulsive, it also just plain weird. It involves everything from Gaetz being dumb enough to allegedly send digital cash in exchange for sex, to Gaetz having a cartoon villain friend who’s flipped on him.

Now it turns out even the attempted defense of Matt Gaetz is getting weird. Two women are telling CNN that they attended sex and drug fueled parties with Gaetz and a bunch of other unnamed Florida Republican politicians. Bizarrely, they’re not doing this to rat him out; they say they’re doing this to defend him.

CNN says that the women came forward because they wanted to make clear that they didn’t see any sex trafficking or underage girls at these parties. Even if this is true, it in no way exonerates Gaetz; it simply means that he didn’t engage in underage sex trafficking at those particular parties.

Worse, these two women just helped to confirm that Matt Gaetz likes to attend parties with his fellow Florida Republican politicians where drugs like ecstasy are passed around and sex is rampant. This opens the door for the Feds to investigate these parties, and potentially use drug charges to pressure party attendees to testify against Gaetz and the various other politicians in attendance.

When this all started, we predicted that Matt Gaetz would end up taking a bunch of other Florida Republicans down with him, due to the nature of how federal criminal investigations tend to spiral outward from their origin point, for as wide as the evidence will go. Now it’s starting to look like things are indeed on that path.

We’re also left to wonder if these two women came forward of their own volition, or if Matt Gaetz perhaps encouraged them to speak up and “defend” him like this. If Gaetz is indeed behind this, then he’s making an even bigger mess for himself than we thought.

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