President Biden finds a new way to stick it to Vladimir Putin

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Nearly a year ago Russia invaded Ukraine. Despite widespread condemnation (except from Putin’s useful idiots here in the US) and sanctions by the US, the UN, and other bodies Russia pushed ahead with their invasion. I am so glad that President Biden is in charge and not the Orange Florida Man (OFM) because the American response under Biden has been so much better than what it would’ve been under the OFM maladministration.

Saturday the US took a major step in its response against Russia by formally declaring that, as Vice President Harris put it, “Russia has committed crimes against humanity.” According to Harris these crimes included indiscriminate attacks deliberately targeting civilians, rape, torture, assault, execution style killings, and forced deportation of children to Russia. Harris called Russia’s behavior “barbaric and inhumane.” Harris promised, “to all those who have perpetrated these crimes, and to their superiors who are complicit in those crimes, you will be held to account.”

The formal declaration won’t have immediate consequences but hopefully will isolate Russia and Putin further and help international bodies in their efforts to hold them accountable. While the US had earlier declared Russia had committed war crimes, in international law crimes against humanity is seen as a much worse offense.


I imagine in the coming days Putin’s useful idiots and agents here in the United States will be complaining about this and coming up with all manner of excuses to justify Russia’s crimes. I am so glad we have a federal government led by a President that is determined to stand up to evil men like Putin and his allies – including OFM. OFM would not have done anything to help Ukrainians and would have done everything he could to support Putin.

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