Pentagon slam dunks Tucker Carlson

There are few, if any, Republicans as idiotic as one Tucker Carlson. A host at Fox News and an avid Male chauvinist pig, Tucker has gotten himself in hot water many times with his hateful rhetoric. However, this time may be the worst.

When Tucker Carlson said that pregnant women should not fight in the military (his exact words were “It’s a mockery of the US military”), he started an uproar. And that uproar shows no sign of abating.

Virtually everyone has called out the misogynistic Fox host, it seems. The United States Army’s Twitter account posted a picture of a woman fighter with the words, “I am an American soldier. I am a warrior and a member of a team.”

Carlson even managed to piss off the Pentagon, which is no small feat. They were quick to fire back at Carlson, with Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby strongly condemning Tucker’s words. Kirby said he and Secretary of Defense Lord Austin shared “revulsion” for The disgusting comments.

Tucker, a pathetic oaf with zero humility, has never served a day in the Military. Twitter users were quick to call him out for that, and Thursday, firetuckercarlson was trending along with boycott Tucker.

Tucker Carlson may be doing this because his ratings are falling, and like any bully, when the spotlight’s off him, he has to do something bizarre to get it back. These comments will not help him (except to make him the most loathed man in the United States, which it seems he currently is.)


Tucker has always reminded me of the epitome of one of the husbands in the Great Ira Levin book, “The Stepford Wives.” He despises women as he despises everybody who is not exactly like him. Let’s hope that his ratings continue to fall, and he makes his way into irrelevance.

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