Trump stooge Mark Meadows is in a heap of legal trouble

Yesterday a phone call recording surfaced in which Donald Trump tried to pressure another Georgia official into altering the 2020 election results. The Fulton County District Attorney is already presenting a criminal case against Trump to a grand jury, and this will make that case stronger. During the phone call, Trump also incriminated his then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Now it’s gotten worse for Meadows.

During the call, Trump claimed that Meadows was behind the plot to overthrow the election results in Georgia. This was certainly enough to make Meadows a target of the criminal probe, but wasn’t proof that Meadows was truly involved; Trump could have been lying.


But now American Oversight has obtained and published emails which prove that Mark Meadows really did travel to Georgia to pressure election officials. These emails will surely be used by prosectors to obtain an indictment against Meadows. What’s more, Meadows’ aide who wrote these emails will surely be subpoenaed as a witness against Meadows. There will be tremendous pressure on Meadows to flip on Trump.

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