One key thing to watch for in Trump’s impeachment trial

Tuesday will be here before we know it. And it will mark the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump. It will be interesting to see all the evidence. And there is plenty of it! The Democrats have been preparing for this moment, and they will undoubtedly produce strong and damning evidence that Trump did indeed incite the attack on our Capital.

How they go about it will be fascinating. And no doubt there are many Republicans who have already made up their minds to acquit. Senator Rand Paul, for one, has already deemed the whole process “unconstitutional.” And we know fellow Trump Conspirators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley will not convict.

But I remain optimistic that perhaps some Republicans will do the right thing. It all depends, of course, and we cannot say for sure, but it is a strong possibility.

One thing that we should all note is Trump’s demeanor while the attack was going on. Much has been made of his speech before the insurrection began. But it is essential to note that while the attack was taking place, Trump did nothing to stop it. Many reports have said that Trump was watching it all unfold on television and was enjoying what he saw. If that is the case, one would hope the Democrats spend a fair amount of time on that particular issue.

If any one of you were deliberately put in danger while at work and you phoned your boss or texted him, and he did and said nothing, that boss would be complicit. The disgraced and dangerous former President has demonstrated with said actions that the safety of the people at the Capital meant nothing to him.

Many Democrats have already said this will play a role in their arguments. That is reassuring to hear and can only help build a powerful case in favor of impeachment.

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