Georgia opens investigation into Donald Trump

Earlier this week Palmer Report pointed out that despite some misleading headlines in the mainstream media, Donald Trump is very much on track to end up in prison for the crimes he committed in New York. Now we’re seeing the latest reminder that New York isn’t the only jurisdiction Trump has to worry about.

Last month the Fulton County District Attorney let it be known that she was launching a probe into Trump’s attempt at pressuring Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger into illegally tampering with the election results. Now Raffensperger’s office is confirming today that it’s launched an investigation into the phone call, which it calls a “fact finding” mission. The office also implied that the findings will be turned over to the Georgia Attorney General for any potential prosecution.


So now Trump is looking at the strong possibility he’ll be criminally charged by the Fulton County District Attorney, along with this new line of investigation at the state level. Trump is already basically a lock for prison in New York, where he’s facing the kind of cut and dried financial charges that juries tend to all but automatically convict on. But New York might not even be the only state where Trump will end up on criminal trial. This is before getting to the question of whether the U.S. Department of Justice will bring federal charges against Trump.

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