Nice try, Matt Gaetz!

Time for another edition of the continental saga of Matt Gaetz. Matt is still being Matt. He’s on Twitter. He’s defending himself. His hair is still growing ever-higher. But make no mistake about it. The man is in serious trouble as he is still under federal criminal investigation. Barring something major, we expect an indictment.

Gaetz is doing his best to convince the world that all is fine in Gaetz-world. His latest idea is as bizarre as all the hair products I suspect he must use. Gaetz has an idea of who the Republican ticket should consist of in 2024. That would be Crusty the creep for President. (Thank you Palmer Report reader for that VERY amusing nickname.)

Grandiose Gaetz hopes to see Nicki Minaj as Crusty’s Veep. Give yourself a moment to laugh. I don’t know how to break it to Gaetz, but this is one idea that will never see reality. I think Matt should really start worrying about his own issues, of which there are many, and give up on the Presidential predictions.

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