The real reason Eric Trump is panicking

In the MAGA swamp that gets swampier all the time, there’s another strange happening. Eric Trump’s lawyer quit and there are multiple possible reasons for this. Marc Mukasey, the lawyer whose father was Attorney General under W, is either protecting his legal standing at the Bar because he discovered his client is lying, he’s got a conflict of interest, or Eric’s daddy’s not paying his bill.

But you know whose daddy is paying Mukasey’s bill? Matt Gaetz’s daddy. This leads us to some very interesting conclusions. Is there a conflict of interest between Eric Trump and Matt Alleged-Child-Sex-Trafficker Gaetz? Is Gaetz perhaps flipping on Trump, or is Trump flipping on Gaetz? If it’s a non-payment issue, is Trump really that broke? Perhaps so, since Lara Trump has tweeted wrongly about animals left behind in Kabul being US service dogs. She has clearly not spent a penny to rescue them but asks you to do something. She is a lying piece of sh*t but what do you expect from a couple that made money on kid’s cancer charities?


The other very likely possibility that Mukasey quit is because Trump was lying to him. Lying is, after all, the Trumpian way. Mukasey may be actually sticking to the ethics here. We will see. The 90-days are winding down in Joel Greenberg’s case. Gaetz is on borrowed time now.

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