Nice try, Kevin McCarthy!

Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo are discussing the GOP list of losers that Kevin ‘Suck-arse’ McCarthy leaked through that other bottom-feeder, Gym Jordan, for the Jan 6 House Select Committee. Cuomo contends that by leaking the list (which included Jordan) Kevin has out-played Pelosi and tied her hands. He contends that if Madam Speaker now exercises her veto over Kevin’s bad-faith picks, then the Dems will seem to be the obstructionists and too partisan. If, on the other hand, she accepts that monkey wrench in the Committee gears, the Dems will look weak and feckless.

Lemon disagrees, as does this writer. Pelosi will not accept Jordan’s showboating. Pelosi will never risk her select committee being railroaded by the light-weight likes of the jacketless jackass, Gym Jordan. We all remember vividly, the dog & pony show which Jordan brought to the costly, embarrassing debacle that was the Benghazi hearings.

Ms Speaker will, most assuredly, nix Jordan. When she does, Kevin will bleat and whine about the hypocrisy of the Dems. Mitch and the GOP will take up this woeful cry and it will echo in the halls of Fox News (sic), NewsMax, Breitbart and OAN. The Right-wing will beat the drum disingenuously for a couple of news cycles – competing with Bezos’s joy-ride and the Pandemic Olympics.

Kevin is not a clever person. With wits as his weapon of choice, he goes around unarmed. That he considers kissing the Orange Toad’s arse in Mar-A-Largo and at Bedminster a smart move is a prime example of his cluelessness. That stunt brought him nothing but scorn from the vast majority of Americans. (Word to the wise: being a ‘kiss-ass’ is not held in high regard by anyone of integrity.)

Lemon further advised Cuomo to ‘wait and see’ what the Madam Speaker will do in response to this tacky, totally expected move by the witless McCarthy.

Good advice: Pelosi will do what is best for the success of the Select Committee. She and the other members, Schiff, Chaney, et al. will demand nothing less than an accurate finding and placing of blame for that horrific assault on the Republic. Jordan’s ham-fisted grandstanding was a bone-headed play.

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