Nancy Pelosi just made her Adam Kinzinger power move

Warrior Nancy Pelosi has done it again! She has appointed Rep. Adam Kinzinger to the January sixth committee. And this is a GREAT move.

Kinzinger (I wish he’d change parties, Republican, Illinois) is a smart and courageous man who wants to get to the bottom of the American terrorist attack as much as the Democrats do.

I think this is an excellent move on Pelosi’s part. The GOP cannot say this committee was not bi-partisan, although they will surely try.

Time and again, Warrior Pelosi has outwitted cowardly Kevin McCarthy. It’s a pleasure to watch.

“Today, I am announcing the appointment of Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger, an Air Force veteran and Lieutenant Colonel in the Air National Guard, to serve on the Select Committee,” Pelosi said.

The addition of Kinzinger gives even more legitimacy to the commission and really shows the difference between the two parties. Our party wants answers. The insurrection party wants a cover-up.

Can you imagine what the committee would have been like with the two Jims on it? Jordan would have belligerently raised hell, and we’d have been subject to that dreadful and nightmarish voice that frequently comes close to shattering the ears of viewers everywhere.


Never ever underestimate Pelosi. McCarthy did, and now he is forced to stew in his own juices as the Select Committee sets sail in search of the truth.

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