Donald Trump’s “stop the steal” is even more of a scam than we knew

While Donald Trump’s biggest lackeys are making fools of themselves – like Rudy Giuliani, Mike Lindell and Sidney Powell – and often finding themselves in legal jeopardy of their own as a result with each passing day, the former guy hardly gives it a thought. How do we know this? None of the money from his 2020 campaign fund has been spent on ballot audits in any of the states where he claims people voted illegally. Since vacating the Oval Office, his Save America PAC has raised $75 million – and all the money has gone to paying for Trump’s travel, legal fees, and even staff members, with the PAC retaining most of the money.

This shouldn’t really be a surprise to those of you who saw the fine print at the bottom of his campaign’s “stop the steal” emails. Like everything else Trump’s been ranting about for the last four years, the Big Lie turned out to be yet another scam to test the mental hijinks and loyalty of his supporters, while also taking a sizable portion of money from their wallets. It’s also a tacit admission that Donald Trump lost the election, even if he’s incapable of ever openly admitting that he lost anything in his life.


The crop of shady non-profits and pro-Trump outlets that have opened up in the wake of this disaster have made it more clear than ever that it’s not simply Donald Trump who is at fault here, but also an entire political party that defined itself as simply running on whatever he says – and is still with him – even if they want to keep leaking stories to suggest they aren’t. They’re a party of losers rallying around a lost cause that deserves to stay buried.

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