Mo Brooks goes completely off the deep end after getting served by Eric Swalwell

Rep. Mo Brooks (looking creepier every time he speaks-insurrection party-Alabama) is sputtering with indignation. And he has let that be known in a deranged tweet over the weekend.

So, what is ailing America’s joke of a Congressman? Well, that can be summed up in one word: litigation. You see, Rep. Eric Swalwell (great man- Democrat-California) has been trying to serve Brooks with a subpoena. Brooks is being sued for his part in the January sixth insurrection.

Only Brooks has been in hiding, most likely because he knows he’s guilty and does not want to have to go to court. Like the cockroach that he is, he has crawled about, expertly evading contact.

That ended this weekend as the subpoena was finally served, melting away whatever sanity was left in the moronic Congressman.

None too happy about this turn of events, Brooks, who inexplicably does remind me very much of Elmer Fudd, went nuts. Brooks proceeded to go on Twitter and tweet out his deep humiliation, anger, and outrage.

Brooks accused Swalwell’s “team” of sneaking into his house. He then said they had “accosted” his wife. Sigh. This is what most likely happened:

Door knock or bell ring: “Yes?”

“You’ve been served.”

See how easy and non-threatening that was??

But Brooks, who is becoming a professional liar, over-dramatized the story, most likely for reaction. Only he did not get the response he wanted, proving that Brooks is as bad at Tweeting as he is at being a Congressman.

Not only was Brooks mocked for this, but he also did not appear to realize that with his tweet, he had inadvertently captured part of his computer where one could see a computer password. Faster than one could say, “you’re an idiot,” the tweets came in. I suppose Brooks, being Brooks, may try to blame this on Swalwell as well.

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