Lordy there are tapes – and Rudy Giuliani is completely screwed

Based on what’s already been publicly reported, the Feds already have Rudy Giuliani nailed to the wall for taking dirty money from foreign governments. The raid of Giuliani’s home was proof that he’s toast; the Feds wouldn’t have been able to obtain a warrant for the raid in the first place unless they already had enough evidence to nail him. What we’re seeing now is merely endgame stuff – parsing his seized communications, putting the relevant things in front of the grand jury, getting him indicted, and arresting him. Now it’s gotten a lot uglier for him.

Based on public reporting, we’ve all known since 2019 that Rudy Giuliani tried to pressure the leader of Ukraine into announcing a phony investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden, in an attempt at altering the outcome of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. But it was never clear just how explicit Giuliani was with that pressure, what evidence there was, and whether it would be possible to get criminal charges to stick against him for it – until now.

CNN has obtained and released a 2019 recording of Rudy Giuliani trying to pressure a top aide to Ukrainian President Zelensky. More to the point, Rudy specifically offered U.S. governmental support for Zelensky in exchange for announcing a phony probe into Biden. This means Rudy has incriminated himself on tape. If the Feds didn’t already have this recording, they do now.

So now, in addition to the fact that Rudy Giuliani is already on track for indictment and prison for his international financial crimes, the Feds now have the ability to indict Giuliani for attempting to conspire with a foreign government to tamper with a United States election.

Keep in mind that this isn’t just about convicting Rudy and sending him to prison. It’s about making Rudy realize he’s screwed, so he’ll conclude that he has no choice but to flip on Donald Trump and others. This newly surfaced recording could help force the issue. Either way, Rudy is going to prison. The only question is whether he wants to spend the rest of his life there, or cut a cooperating plea deal and have a chance to someday taste fresh air again.

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