Mitch McConnell steps in it

As we all know Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell recently told corporations who are speaking up about GQP voter suppression efforts to shut up and give the GQP their money. We may now be seeing some of the blowback from Mitch saying that to companies, who don’t appear to be all that cowed by Mitch or the other members of the GQP.

More than 100 business leaders gathered on a Zoom call last Saturday to discuss the response to the GQP making it harder to vote. They discussed cutting off donations to politicians who support voter suppression efforts, and postponing investments in states that have enacted voter suppression laws.

I’m sure Mitch didn’t help himself or the GQP by demanding that corporations “shut up and sing/play/act/etc” as they demand when non-Branch Trumpvidian actors, singers, athletes, and other public figures speak up against GQP injustices. Mitch backed himself and the GQP into a corner here. They either give up all that corporate money flowing into GQP coffers by holding firm on voter suppression, along with red states losing out on corporate investment in their states. Or the GQP reverses itself on voter suppression, angering Orange Florida Man and the Branch Trumpvidian base, which encourages the hard reich wing types to either primary elected Republicans and/or encouraging them to stay home next year.

Of course, I’m sitting here having some nice Iowa grown popcorn over this and waiting to see how Mitch and the rest of the GQP get out of this one. They’ll have to figure out the least bad alternative here.

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