Mitch McConnell is at it again

Republican Senators are a vile lot: Seditionists Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley & Tommy Tuberville; Insurrection Apologist Ron Johnson; Total Idiots Rand Paul and Marsha Blackburn (and Tuberville again); Annoying Hypocrites Marco Rubio and Jon Cornyn. Heinous Suck-Up Lindsey Graham, Insufferable Tom Cotton; Gym Jordan Wannabe Mike Lee, and Green Acres Schemer John Kennedy, and Corruption King Rick Scott.

There are so many evil Republican Senators, we sometimes forget about Mitch McConnell. After all, didn’t he display a few doses of decency – voting against electoral challenges and denouncing Trump for inciting the Capitol Insurrection?

Of course, the latter was just after Moscow Mitch had voted to acquit Trump of inciting the Insurrection in his second impeachment trial, which certainly undercut McConnell’s message, true though it was. And, McConnell being McConnell, he had to make up a “rule” that made no sense whatsoever, in a feeble attempt to “justify” his acquittal vote, saying that a former President couldn’t be impeached or tried once he’s left office — after McConnell himself had refused to schedule a Senate trial while Trump was still in office!

McConnell’s brief gasps of decency have been superseded by his successful effort to derail the establishment of a bipartisan commission to investigate the January 6 Capitol Insurrection. But if you nevertheless remained sleeping on McConnell as one of the most malicious U.S. Senators – well, he just helpfully reminded us that he stole a Supreme Court seat from President Obama by blocking Merrick Garland’s nomination, based on a totally made up “rule” (again, vintage McConnell) that the Senate should “allow the people to have a voice” in the selection by not confirming a Supreme Court nominee within 8 months of an upcoming Presidential election.

Then when Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, McConnell rammed through Amy Coney Barrett a mere 8 days before the 2020 Presidential Election (and after 65 Million Americans had already voted via early voting), based on a totally made up modification to his earlier made up rule, claiming that his previous rule did not apply when the President and the Senate were of the same party. So what?? McConnell likely offered these “explanations” as a means to “troll the Libs” while packing the court with Conservative hacks.

Now, in case McConnell’s villainy has been lost in the tumultuous treachery of Trump’s continuing attempts to hijack the last election, and his incomprehensible hold over Republicans even as he descends further and further into the abyss of total detachment from reality, McConnell has gleefully let you know that he’d do it again if Republicans regain the Senate, because, you see, this would mean that his first made up rule applies once more because the President and the Senate would then be in the hands of different parties!

In proudly proclaiming his intentions, McConnell gives renewed urgency to Democrats’ need to energize voters in the Senate mid-terms in order to secure a Manchin-proof Majority, so as to prevent McConnell from continuing his conniving to corrupt the Supreme Court confirmation process, among other things — and prevent Manchin from holding his party hostage to the chimera of Republican “decency” and “bipartisanship.” As a counterpoint to Manchin’s quixotic quest, McConnell has announced an expansive agenda of stopping everything President Biden seeks to do for the benefit of the American people, no matter how popular the Biden initiatives are with the public.

Oh, and to those who say that Joe Manchin should just become a Republican right now — absolutely not! That would instantly make Mitch McConnell the Senate Majority Leader again. We can never let that happen again – not today, not tomorrow, and not next year.

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