Michael Cohen is bringing Donald Trump’s inner circle to its knees

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The walls are closing in on Donald J. Trump and his cronies. For months, with hints and small steps of the legal process playing out, many have waited for “the other shoe to drop.” Well, now it’s not just another shoe — or even a pair of shoes. An Imelda Marcos collection of shoes is raining down on Trump World.

Rudy Giuliani is in a world of hurt, as prosecutors, who already had the records of his electronic communications, now have his communications devices themselves. Rudy’s so toxic, the only person speaking out vigorously on his behalf, in rather hysterical fashion, is his son Andrew (a rotten apple that didn’t fall far from the Big Apple rotten tree). Rudy’s going to be squeezed by prosecutors like the pimple on Trump’s ass that he is.

Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization CFO, has intimate knowledge of all the Trump Organization’s financial crimes, as well as Trump’s extracurricular dirty dealings that were covered up with Trump Organization funds. He’s going to be squeezed like a tube of toothpaste with only one “helping” left. Weaselberg himself is dirty because he’s been involved in Trump family business for over 40 years (though Princess Ivanka claims she doesn’t even know what he does for the Organization). When push comes to shove, do you think he’ll try to save his own skin, or that of a man who has shown zero loyalty to anybody else?

Don Jr. and Eric are scared. They’re caught between the prospect of prison and facing the wrath of their father, upon whom they depend for their livelihoods, and, well, everything. They don’t see any good options. If they woke up, they’d realize that for Trump, blood is no thicker than water, but when you’ve been a parasite for so long, it’s hard to ever imagine ever leaving your host, even when he’s going to take a dive and drown you, too.

Ivanka clearly thinks she’s special in so many ways. After all, Eric and Junior never received White House jobs from Daddy for which they were supremely unqualified. And she’s always held unusual sway over Trump. She’ll be in for the shock of her life when it’s time to man the lifeboats, and there’s one space left; does anybody out there doubt Trump will fight for it for himself?

Michael Cohen, who was Trump’s hatchet man for so long (before he was replaced by Giuliani and Bill Barr), is now relishing the prospect of helping take Trump down. After covering Trump’s dirty tracks in bellicose and belligerent fashion for years, he was unceremoniously cut loose by Trump, who declared Cohen to be a liar before Congress – never mind that he was lying on Trump’s behalf, as directed by Trump. After many years of faithful service as Trump’s thuggish fixer, Cohen might have expected some loyalty from Trump. Of course, he’s learned the hard way, as have so many others, that loyalty flows only one way in Trump’s mind, and it is not to his associates.

So now, Cohen has met with the Manhattan D.A.’s office more often than Ben Affleck has seen JLo after she ditched ARod – but much more discreetly. At the same time, Cohen also revels in his newfound media celebrity, where they give him something never Trump did – a platform from which to speak in his own voice, not just as a mouthpiece for Trump. Cohen’s continual crowing at Trump’s impending downfall is kind of charming in its own way. In fact, Cohen seems almost like an avatar of Karma. So as Donald Trump contemplates his impending demise, let him consider the fact that Karma’s not a b*tch. Karma is Michael Cohen – and he is not happy with Trump.

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