The MAGA clowns have made a whole new mess

The “friendly skies” are becoming not so friendly anymore.

Although many mask mandates have been lifted, in the case of airlines, there are still some masking requirements.

And this is causing many a MAGA to meltdown.

Recently a Flight Attendant for Southwest Airlines was assaulted by an unruly passenger. She reportedly was punched and lost several teeth.

The assaulter is being charged with felony battery.

And this is not a one-time thing. Reportedly assaults on Flight staff are up. And much of this has to do with individuals not wanting to comply with specific airline mandates.

Between April 8th and May 15th, airlines reportedly saw 477 instances of passenger misconduct.

The Federal Aviation Administration has reportedly received around 2,500 complaints of unruly passengers since the start of 2021. Most of the difficulties were because of anti-maskers refusing to comply.

And airlines are raising the alarm bells. Many of the airlines are now banning alcohol from being served on planes.

Both Southwest Airlines and American Airlines have done this, among others. American Airlines just extended the alcohol ban.

The flight attendant union chief Sara Nelson says the airline behavior being seen is “nuts.”

“It’s a constant combative attitude,” Nelson goes on. “It’s got to stop.”

The reason this is happening is, of course, because of MAGA. Hostile passengers are not wanting to comply with the airline regulations and are becoming increasingly aggressive and brazenly hostile when asked to do so.

The airlines are right to bring this to the attention of the American People. It is also alarming behavior but not surprising when one thinks about many of the Alt-right. These are people who seem to have no basic understanding of law and order or human decency. The airlines are doing all they can to put a stop to this crazy behavior.

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