Merrick Garland comes through

If you’ve followed my Palmer Report articles, then you know that I have always maintained that Merrick Garland would do everything within his power to save our democracy. So I wasn’t necessarily surprised by the words Garland chose to share with us Friday afternoon, but to day I was appreciative would a be a gross understatement. While I personally do not believe it is necessary for us to always know everything Garland has up his sleeve, Americans really needed to hear those words — particularly those who have been assaulting our democracy or enabling others to do so.

Garland is a man of integrity who believes in justice, the rule of law and accountability, but he is also very humble — even more so than President Biden, who is not one to go around tooting his own horn all the time either, yet still is more likely to than Garland. So while Garland’s words of warning were strong, he did not come across as a tough guy. The media has been bragging all day, claiming they forced Garland to do something. But here are some words of warning to those whom Garland’s words were actually directed: Garland says what he means and means what he says.

Garland let us know the DOJ will be publishing guidelines giving even further warning to those responsible for the assault on voting rights and democracy in general, so when the time comes to pay the piper there should be no surprises. To those of you still on the assault or considering it, I suggest that you wait for Garland’s guidelines, and before you act further, think twice of what the cost might be to your country, your state, your county, your city, your career, your family and your own freedom. Garland did not just say he was doubling the number of civil rights attorneys: he said he was doubling the number of attorneys “enforcing” civil rights. What he needs from the rest of us is to do everything within our power to see that all necessary voting rights legislation becomes law.


Garland has taken on a thankless job, which I would dare to say has turned out to be much more than he planned for, but I have no doubt he would do it again. He did not become US Attorney General for money or prestige. America saved his Jewish ancestors, and he let us know from the start he had a debt to repay. Merrick Garland is just the kind of man who is happy to be given the opportunity to repay his debt in such a big way.

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