Matt Gaetz makes desperate attempt to distract us from what’s happening to him

Aspiring new dynamic duo Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene have come together in the name of insurrection. The dynamic duo has planned a series of “America First events” where they will be traveling together to promote the “America First” message.

The first event will be held on May 7th at The Villages in Florida, where Gaetz (in need of a new hairstyle-insurrection party-Florida) and Greene (mad as a hatter-insurrection party-Georgia) will no doubt rant and rave all while desperately hoping the Television cameras are on.

This tour may be being done as a distraction. After all, Greene has been getting lots of negative attention lately due to her batshit crazy tweets. And as for Gaetz, quicker than one could say “underage,” his name is back in the news, most likely not for the reasons the scandal-ridden congressman wants.

G&G have said this tour is sort of a tribute to the former guy, whatever the heck that means. It is also being reported that the two train wrecks plan to call out those Republicans they believe to be imposters or RINOs. I am sure Liz Cheney will be among those called out.


I hope that nobody shows up for these events, but sadly there are those crazies who will. Of course, with all the breaking news about Gaetz, it would not surprise me if more news broke while they were on their insane tour.

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