Congressman Ted Lieu drops the hammer on the right wing propaganda outlets

Even as the major right wing propaganda outlets have begun issuing their inevitable confessions that they made up the “Big Lie” about the 2020 election, they’re now moving on to whatever lies they can come up with next. Because President Joe Biden has been popular and successful thus far, they’re really reaching to try to even figure out what lies to make up.

Congressman Ted Lieu dropped the hammer on this right wing cable news stooge, who tried spinning a deranged yet silly and pointless conspiracy theory about President Biden’s decision to give a flower to First Lady Dr. Jill Biden:

Right wing propaganda outlets will continue feeding these kinds of conspiracy theories and lies to right wingers. It’s important that we keep factually shooting down this nonsense, so the right wingers can’t use these lies to trick the moderates in their personal circles into voting poorly.

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