Matt Gaetz is going through some things

Congressman Matt Gaetz is going to go through some things. He already is. The revelations about Gaetz get nastier with each passing hour. And now, his Twitter account appears to be silent. Perhaps Gaetz has been told to shut up? If so, that is excellent advice.

One of the stories, from CNN, is that reportedly Gaetz shared nude photos of some of the girls he was sleeping with on the House of Representatives floor. Allegedly, one girl was naked and hula hooping.

Did Gaetz have the consent and permission of these girls to share such personal items? Were all these girls of legal age? I am sure we will find out the answers to these questions. I want another question answered.

I want to know who the Congressmen were who partook in the sordid activity of ogling these women when they were supposed to be doing their jobs for the American people. We, the people, hired these politicians. They work for us. So, it is our right to know if Gaetz had partners in crime on the House floor and who these House members are.

And as questions continue to swirl and more and more sordid news comes out about Gaetz, there is another fundamental question that we all want to know: “Where is Nestor?” After all, this man is reportedly the son of one Gaetz. This has got to be tough for him. And many all over the world are concerned for him.

One thing we all know: Gaetz is most likely going to resign. I’d be surprised if he were still in Congress in a month. I don’t see how he can hold out. I don’t feel sorry for Gaetz. He was a vile and cruel man before we knew any of this, and now he is just showing us he is even worse than we ever could have imagined.

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