Matt Gaetz is falling to pieces

And now an update into the train wreck that is the life of one Matt Gaetz. Gaetz (imploding-insurrection party-Florida) is imploding badly. There could be many reasons for that, but the probable explanation is that he’s insane, and his insanity is catching up with him.

Gaetz is spending most of his time on Twitter these days. And all he seems to be doing there is striking out at his perceived enemies, which keep on growing on a seemingly daily basis.

Gaetz has accused CNN’S Jim Acosta of hating America, has attempted to explain his hateful rhetoric about Silicon Valley, which he was unable to do, and defended his evil “America First” partner Marjorie Taylor Greene. All this he has done while seemingly doing nothing for the American people.

He is also accusing Democrats of being “triggered” by him, which is hilarious because I do not think “triggered” is the right word to describe what Democrats feel for Gaetz—disgusted, yes. Repelled certainly. But triggered? That word seems to apply to Gaetz himself.

The high-haired Floridian seems to be very thin-skinned and seems furious that people are not listening to him. Now he is caught up in this missing funds story that Palmer Report told you about. And meanwhile, the investigation into his alleged dirty deeds goes on. So, if I were Gaetz, I’d really stop talking. This will not happen, of course, because when has this person ever made a good decision?

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