Benjamin Netanyahu is finally getting what’s coming to him

If you’re pro-Israel, you have to be anti-Netanyahu. He’s a corrupt right wing criminal who’s consistently been bad for Israel, and now that he’s in the process of being criminally indicted, he’s been resorting to violence to try to remain in power (sound familiar?). After having successfully staved off several near-ousters in recent months, it appears Netanyahu is finally just days away from being removed from power.

The trouble in ousting Benjamin Netanyahu has been that after each recent snap election, the opposition parties have failed to form the kind of coalition required to obtain a ruling majority. But now CNN and others are reporting that the opposition parties have finally come together with the intention of forming a coalition within days. If they go through with it, Netanyahu will be instantly out of power – and the only remaining question will be whether the indictment he’s facing will land him in prison.


It’s worth noting that it was President Biden who successfully pressured Netanyahu into ceasing the recent military hostilities that were keeping him in power. Now that the hostilities have stopped, the opposition parties apparently feel secure in coming together to oust him. So if Netanyahu indeed falls this upcoming week, Biden probably won’t get any credit for taking him down, but he should.

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