Marjorie Taylor Greene is totally off the deep end

It’s painful to put the honorific before Marjorie Taylor Greene’s name. It’s a title the representative of Georgia’s 14th congressional district doesn’t deserve. Not only is Greene unworthy of the title, she also hasn’t done anything to garner the respect that ideally would come with the appellation. (There are too many representatives and senators from the QAnon party who don’t deserve their jobs or the associated titles.)

Greene shows blatant disrespect for our compatriots and our democracy. This member of Congress is a waste of taxpayer dollars, adding no value to society, but causing harm all the same. She tries to throw a wrench into the works as often as possible; after all, she has little else to do since she managed to get herself removed from all committee assignments in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Greene’s current obnoxiousness is her repeated motion to adjourn the House. Her attempts to disrupt are even irking her QAnon party cohort, and that’s saying a great deal given that sorry lot. Since she can’t meaningfully participate in a government she wants to see unravel anyway, she’s shown herself to be willing to create obstacles to governing by her more serious colleagues.

At this point, Greene is just in Congress for the benefits, a $174,000 per annum salary, and to sow discord. She’s a supporter and inciter of domestic terrorists, and that poses dangers that need no explanation. To say that she’s simultaneously ineffective and perilous as a legislator is a valid statement. Greene has no business being anywhere near our government with her toxic brand of backward churlishness. Let’s work to ensure she’s unseated in 2022 – she’s readily handing fodder for her defeat to Democrats and Republicans alike.

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