You’ve got to be kidding

Guests on the Sunday shows tried to push the argument that the American Rescue Plan got bipartisan support. Well, no, it did not. It doesn’t matter that Republican Governors were in support of the bill or that Republican mayors were in support of the bill. It did not even matter that American voters in states that have Republican senators have signaled in many surveys that they overwhelming support the bill. It still resulted in not one Republican member of the House or Senate voting for it.

The only votes that matter to get to a bipartisan outcome for a bill are those that happen in Congress, but House and Senate Republicans acted in partisan fashion. They failed, but Americans still will benefit.

They did not care about what was desperately needed by Americans and the small business owners who are fueling our job market when they have the necessary resources to employ people and keep products and services flowing to market.

If I were a voter in a state with a Republican Senator or Congressman or Congresswoman, I would be outraged that needs of citizens in my state did not matter. Wait, I am in a state with two Republican Senators, and I am vowing to do whatever I can to replace them with Democrats. The work will not be easy, but necessary. We need people in Congress who work for their constituents, and serve to make the lives of their constituents better.

Don’t tell me to look at the passing of this bill as ‘bipartisan’ – in no way was the passing of the bill bipartisan; but its’ passing will better the lives of MANY Americans in a ‘bipartisan’ way. No one will be asking are you an R or D, to get what the bill has for you.

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