Marjorie Taylor Greene crashes and burns

I miss Joan Rivers. I was a big fan of hers. No matter what was going on in the world, and how crazy things were, one could always count on Rivers to make us all smile. She was a vibrant, funny and brilliant woman who was taken from us much too soon.

But now someone is seeking to emulate Joan Rivers. At least in the evaluation of fashion that is. This person is not fit to mention the name of Rivers let alone emulate anything she did. The person I speak about is walking nightmare Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Greene is currently engaged in a meltdown of epic proportions. This all started because of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She attended the Met Gala in a dress that had the words “tax the rich” on it.

I loved it. And I agree with AOC. Alas, it does not appear that Greene does. Because the batty blonde is carrying on as if the world has ended.

I really do not see why the fashion choices of AOC should be her concern.

But it is not just Greene. Others are going insane at her fashion choice. Megyn Kelly is another one. In one of her insane tirades, which appear to be happening with more and more frequency, Kelly on Twitter labeled AOC a “pathetic and self aggrandizing hypocrite.”

Obviously the two examples I gave are of deeply unhappy women with virtually no talent except for anything, but shock jock shenanigans, and cutting comments. It’s really sad that these women, instead of empowering other women, choose to tear them down.


It is particularly laughable in Megan Kelly’s case since Kelly has attended this event in the past. There are other examples besides these two misfits. But it is such a sad reflection on society, and where we are at that these creatures feel perfectly empowered to tear others down just to prop their pathetic selves up.

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