How did this even happen?

So, there we have it. The Joint Chiefs Chairman, General Mark Milley, basically had to put himself between Trump and a nuclear war. And believe it or not, that’s not the worst news today. The fact that Republicans are unwilling to accept any loss without crying foul and shrugging off evidence to the contrary proves that they don’t belong in a democracy. But there they are, stirring up the masses with their Fox News and right-wing radio.

Basically, one side wants a democracy, the other a dictatorship with their orange Jesus-in-Depends in charge. How did this happen, you ask? It’s been thirty-plus years of propaganda. Being told for thirty years that there’s nothing worse than a Dem is their only rallying cry. But they all cleave onto it. Every problem in their universe is the fault of a Dem and even if facts prove them wrong, they will find “alternative facts” to stay on their misguided track. That’s what they’ve been taught, and they know nothing else.

The only problem with this is we need a two-party system. But it cannot continue with Republicans. Josh Hawley, the January 6th fist bumping Senator, is now saying he won’t comply with the appointments to the Department of Defense nor the State Department until their leaders resign. This is the problem now with the Republican Party. All they want is power and chaos, nothing more.


The yahoos love it because they’re too stupid to understand how destructive it is (These are the same people dying because they won’t take the vaccine). Republicans as they stand now are traitors to America, plain and simple. They don’t belong in a Constitutional government. They are all pointlessly in the way. The whole party needs to be ousted and rebuilt from the ground up with leaders who believe in the United States. There’s no more salvation for any of them. Vote them all out.

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