MAGA caves in on itself over Liz Cheney

Doing the right thing is not always easy. It is especially challenging when seemingly everyone that the person is or once was close to is vehemently set on doing the WRONG thing.

This, however, did not stop Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney. She spoke out against the former guy’s evil machinations. And now here she sits, a member of the January sixth committee.

Obviously, this fact has pissed off many a GOP member. And it seems they will not leave Cheney alone.

It is now being reported that certain Wyoming GOP members will no longer even recognize Cheney as a member of the Republican party: “In the immortal words of the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump…You’re fired!” This is a direct quote from a letter written by Wyoming GOP members to Cheney.

I would like to respond.

“In the immortal words of every sane American…you’re an idiot.”

This move does not seem to matter to Cheney. But I hope she takes this seriously. Because, although I disagree with her policies, I think she should consider swimming on over to the blue side — or at least the purple side.


Her own party hates her. We are a big tent party. There is room. This most likely will not happen, but the good news is that the abuse directed at Cheney is not affecting her fundraising efforts. In fact, the money is pouring into her coffers at a record pace, proving once again that the stupidity of the GOP knows no boundaries.

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