Donald Trump falls down

Because Donald Trump so very rarely speaks publicly these days, it’s difficult to tell for sure whether he’s so far gone that he actually believed his buddy Mike Lindell’s deranged claim that Trump would be “reinstated” as President of the United States yesterday, or whether Trump is merely so far gone the he was willing to capitalize on Lindell’s mental problems for attention.

Either way, yesterday ended up being merely yet another punchline at Donald Trump’s expense. I’m here to tell you, it’s okay to laugh at this guy. It’s okay to rub it in. Yes, he’s a traitor and a domestic terrorist, and yes, there are ways in which he’s still dangerous. But he’s also paying a heavy price for attempting such treachery and losing.

It’s not the price he should pay. There will be no justice until Trump is in prison. That’ll come eventually. New York is already pretty far down that path with him, even before getting to the question of what the Feds might be doing. But even now, Trump – who less than a year ago was the most powerful person in the world – is now reduced to a pathetic figure, rotting away in a house that the bank will eventually take from him, begging to speak in public even as his handlers try to gently explain to him that he’s no longer mentally competent to do so without embarrassing himself, and wishing he were still allowed to participate in social media.


So yeah, laugh it up at Donald Trump’s expense that after his long hard (and continuing) fall from power, he’s now stuck pinning his hopes on a pillow salesman’s conspiracy theories, only to have even that blow up in his face. It’s okay to mock Trump for his fall, and to rub it in that he’s managed to blow it so badly for himself, even while despising him for the damage he’s done, and remaining vigilant about his attempts at a comeback. Trump is a dangerous joke, and a sick joke, and on the whole certainly not a funny joke, but he’s still a joke. Making him the world’s biggest punchline helps take the legs out from any comeback attempt he might ever try.

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