Lindsey Graham goes berserk on live national television

Lindsey Graham, a Trump sycophant of the highest order, has done it again. Before I get into what exactly he has done, I must comment on what a strange man he is. That is nothing we did not already know, but what transpired Monday evening between Graham and Mr. Sean Hannity has convinced me that Lindsey is far from finished making an idiot of himself sadly.

So what exactly did our favorite bootlicker do? Well, he started by appearing on Sean Hannity, which, though repulsive, is nothing new. What followed, however, is. Chatting about his “friendship” with insurrectionist Trump, Lindsey talked about how much he likes the soon-to-be prisoner. But one comment he made was both telling and very creepy.

Graham, boasting about their friendship, said Trump “allows me to be in his world.” Think about that statement for a minute. Who speaks like that? Most people have friends. But, whom do any of us know who would talk like that about a friend?

So let’s put this in context. Let’s say one of you had a friend who we will call Todd. And you are speaking of Todd. Would you ever say, “we’re friends. Todd allows me to be in his world.”

I imagine if you did say that, you would get a few odd looks. But this comment also shows how loquacious Graham is in his suckups and thirst for relevance. He seems not to know that the friend “allowing him” into his world has long lost any relevancy he had.

One last thing. Sean Hannity must stop referring to Trump as “The President.” It is incredibly disrespectful and just not right. Trump is not the President, and he never will be again.

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