Lindsey Graham freaks out

“Believe what we tell you, not what you see.” This is the central message of the insurrection party. They are all about controlling the narrative. And South Carolina Senator and Sycophant Lindsey Graham is at the top of the list.

In an appearance this weekend on Fox, Graham claimed Democrats are the Racists. “They use the racism card to advance a liberal agenda, and we’re tired of it. H.R. 1 is sick, not what we’re doing in Georgia.”

The world of the Republicans is Orwellian, but it does work for certain voters, namely the ones who get their info only from propaganda networks like Fox. The way the GOP behaves is right out of the 1984 playbook.
Let’s break it down.

“1984” is the classic book on “Big Brother.” In this book, the protagonist, a rebel, is captured. In an infamous scene, one of his torturers holds up four fingers, but the protagonist is told to see five. It is pounded into him that five fingers are being held up. The message here is don’t believe your eyes; believe what Big brother tells you.

And in this case, Big brother is Ron Johnson. It is Lindsey Graham. It is all the Republicans who want their voters to love them unconditionally, even when they are actively seeking to play with the minds of their constituents. It is the “Big Brother” playbook.

But it is not just voting rights. Think about the insurrection. One of the slogans of Big Brother is “War is Peace.” The MAGA terrorists were brainwashed into thinking they were fighting for freedom and peace. They had come to love Big Brother so profoundly they were willing to die for the cause. It is scary, but things are getting better. We won. We must continue to win.

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