Donald Trump has a whole new web of lies

The former guy has launched a new website which is, of course, a web of lies. is billed as a platform for Trump supporters to stay in touch, and a place where Trump will continue his “America first” campaign. Did he finally give up on MAGA? Probably just wants to sell new hats.

There’s a page to share your personal thoughts with Donald or Melania, which is a pretty ingenious way to get potential donors’ name, address, email and phone (all required, of course).

It includes a historical re-write of Trump’s presidency, listing his so-called achievements of what it describes as “the most extraordinary political movement in history.” Well, we know either Trump didn’t write this or it was heavily edited. Otherwise, there would be more superlatives.

It claims he “dethroned political dynasties,” defeated “the Washington establishment” and “overcame virtually every entrenched power structure.”

It also claims he “ushered in a period of unprecedented economic growth,” in place of his usual wording that he built “the greatest economy in the history of our country,” repeatedly debunked.

I can’t read through all of this garbage, but it appears several significant moments are missing, such as when he stared at the solar eclipse without protective eyewear; came up with “covfefe”; asked a young girl whether she still believed in Santa Claus; wanted to buy Greenland, and so on and so forth.

There’s also no mention of his two impeachment trials, or having the costliest presidency in history (not only in dollars but also in lost lives), due mainly to his record number of constant lies, but also his grifting, incompetence, laziness, theft, bratty kids, etc. and attempts to overthrow the government when he lost to President Joe Biden in a free and fair election!

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