Lindsey Graham did all that for nothing

Why do people worship other people? No good has ever come from blind worship. Indeed, very bad things can happen when one puts themself in the perilous position of idealizing another human as if that human were a God. In ancient Egypt, cats were seen as worshipful beings. (This I can understand!) The cats were often bathed in fragrant ointments and lived luxurious lifestyles. Humans however are not meant to be worshipped, although it would seem Senator Lindsey Graham somehow missed the memo in that regard.

Graham worships Mr. Misfit. I think it is safe to say that worship and ardent admiration has been Graham’s undoing. It has essentially destroyed the Senator’s political career. Nobody takes Graham seriously anymore, especially not the subject of Graham’s worshipful nature. Orange Foolius has put out a statement which I will not quote from. But I will say that the statement condemns Graham for not being worshipful ENOUGH.

Ah, narcissism. It is never satisfied, is it? The orange tumor despises Graham. I believe this is because, on some level, perhaps a deeply subconscious level, Donald the disgraced, hates himself. He is an empty pile of — nothing. This is the person to whom Graham attached his future.


Thanks again for all the clever nickname suggestions for the marmalade madman. As for Graham, he has become the poster child for the nightmare that can and does occur when one puts a human being in the role of a God.

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