Lauren Boebert goes off the deep end during interview

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) went on a televangelist’s for-profit Victory Channel show this week and proclaimed that Christians “are taking ground in the spirit realm, and we will see that come to light ‒ it has to take place there before we actually see it here in the natural.” This was her response to the host, who’s also a proponent of the Big Lie, when he asked the QAnon party representative what Christians should be doing to “see America turn back to God.” The host also called President Biden, who fairly and decisively won both the popular vote and the Electoral College, an “illegitimate president.”

We know something is very wrong in evangelical America when it can’t acknowledge fair elections and when it turns to unqualified legislators like Boebert for spiritual guidance. We also know that certain elements on the right aren’t keen on our democracy if they can’t dominate it. Instead of worrying about turning the country back to a certain group’s chosen deity, maybe we need to turn back to science and turn our backs on guns and politicized religion. The evangelicals’ god probably isn’t as obsessed with our politics as they’d like to believe.

Boebert is no intellectual, and she is uniquely unqualified for the position she holds in Congress. Not only is she not up to the job, but she shows no interest in actually learning how to be better at it. Alas, the right’s embrace of willful ignorance and religion-tainted politics is something we unfortunately have to contend with. This is a group that doesn’t want progress, unity, or good governance; rather, it wants to impose its nefarious will on the rest of us and rule undemocratically. Since Boebert isn’t interested in good governance, maybe we can work to ensure she’s a one-term representative so that she’ll have even more time to dish with the televangelists.

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