So much for Ivanka Trump

When Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, numerous pundits (on the left and right) immediately jumped into a new narrative about how Trump was supposedly the 2024 frontrunner, and how his kids were going to get elected to office as well. Specifically, the silliest of pundits pushed the narrative over and over that Ivanka Trump would run for Senate in Florida in 2022, ousting Marco Rubio from his seat.

At the time, Palmer Report pointed out that this entire narrative was total nonsense, pure clickbait made up as an excuse to keep the ratings-friendly Trump name in the headlines for awhile. Donald Trump is toxically unpopular. He lost by seven million votes. His kids aren’t any more popular than he is. Ivanka would never be viable in a purple state like Florida. And we predicted that the Trump family would be too caught up in legal troubles to even so much as run losing campaigns in 2022 or 2024.

Sure enough, Donald Trump formally endorsed Marco Rubio today in the 2022 Senate election. This makes 100% clear that Ivanka Trump was never running against Rubio for Senate, Ivanka was never running for anything at all, and the Trump family is about as washed up in politics as you can get.


We told you this Ivanka for Senate thing was a made up media narrative that wasn’t going anywhere – and we were right. Keep that in mind the next time the media collectively gets carried away with a ratings-friendly but completely unrealistic narrative that simply doesn’t fit with the facts, and Palmer Report urges you to take that media narrative with a grain of salt.

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